Harvard Risk Management Corporation received notification in November of 2011 that a report had been filed against the company on Ripoff report.com.

When we reviewed the complaint we were concerned about the many false statements that were being used and also concerned because there was no author listed. We contacted Ripoff Report.com and inquired about who had filed this report against Harvard Risk Management Corporation. We also expressed our concern that the entire report contained false statements and incorrect information. We were asked to pay the amount of $2000 in order to dispute the report. We immediately contacted our attorneys who informed us that Ripoff Report.com was simply an internet scam.

They informed us that most of the complaints filed are not written by real victims, but simply employees or hired writers for Ripoff Report.com. They post the reports on a company and then make their profits once the company pays the fees to reply to the made up report. Our attorneys also said that we should be receiving an email from an internet reputation firm that would solicit us to use their services to get the report removed. They said that this was all part of the scam. On December 17th 2011 we received the following email:


We noticed your company's site is listed on www.ripoffreport.com

If you haven't seen it already, I included a link below:


You may know who this complaint is from. Unfortunatly, whether the complaint is justified or not, a listing on a powerful website like www.ripoffreport.com is eventually going to show up on the front page of Google when searching for your company name, or your personal name, and can be devastating to your business. In some industries, up to 70% of potential customers do an internet search on a company before deciding whether or not to purchase. Because most companies have very few positive reviews on external websites, a complaint can unfairly give prospects a bad impression of your company, and cost you tens of thousands of dollars in sales.

Our organization has been in business for over three years and we have helped hundreds of clients protect their business from losing sales to complaints. You can often see results within 30 days, and prices are likely less than you think. If you have any other complaints, on complaintsboard.com, we can get rid of the complaint within 1-2 days. If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions, you can contact us at 1.877.414.2272, or just reply to this e-mail.



Nathan Martin
ORM Consultant

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B/W Park Avenue South& Broadway
Suite 6R
New York, NY 10010

Sure enough, our attorneys were right! All of this is just part of the scam. Our attorneys advised us not to pay any fees to Ripoff Report.com and provided us the following information about the scam:

Report From Reports Ripoff.com

Report from Scam.com

Wikipedia Article of Ripoff Report.com

News Report on Ripoff Report.com

About Harvard Risk Management Corporation

Harvard Risk Management Corporation is a privately held corporation that was established in 1994 as a employee benefit broker. Initially the company focused its marketing efforts on legal plans as an employee benefit for LegalShield formally Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Harvard Risk Management Corporation has successfully marketed over 250,000 policies in the last 18 years, ranking them the largest broker for LegalShield in North America. In 2006 they added an identity theft monitoring and restoration plan called Identity Theft Shield which was offered exclusively by Kroll Fraud Solutions Group. This plan has become one of the most popular benefits offered by the company because of the unique restoration services that are provided by Kroll.

In 2009 the company expanded its insurance product line to include life, health, long term care and annuities. Insurance services are offered by Harvard Insurance Group a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard Risk Management Corporation.

In 2010 the company partnered with Iron Mountain to provide information destruction services to their over 5000 business clients.

As of 2012 Harvard Risk Management Corporation has over 2000 agents and has seventeen regional offices.

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"To be the premier provider of quality products and services that help reduce risk and provide protection, security, and peace of mind to individuals and companies in North America."

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These are the standards that inform and inspire all of our activities and distinguish us as a Corporation.


Harvard Risk Management Corporation is committed to excellence! The pursuit of superior performance infuses all of our activity. We excel at meeting challenging commitments even as we achieve total client satisfaction. We demonstrate leadership by advancing new risk management innovations and models. We strive for enhanced customer service, inspired management, and the application of the best practices throughout our organization.


We demonstrate individual leadership through a positive approach to every task, a "can-do" spirit, and a relentless determination to continually improve upon our personal bests. We aggressively pursue new business, add value for our customers with ingenuity, and always maintain a positive attitude. We utilize our ability to combine strength with speed in responding enthusiastically to every new opportunity and every new challenge.


Each member of the HRMC team brings to the workplace personal values which guide him/her to meet our commitments to clients, insurance carriers, ourselves, and others with whom we interact. We embrace truthfulness and trust, and we treat everyone with dignity and respect as we wish to be treated ourselves.


Outstanding people make Harvard Risk Management Corporation unique. Success in rapidly changing markets requires that we continuously learn and grow as individuals and as an organization. We embrace lifelong learning through individual initiative, combined with company-sponsored education and development programs, as well as challenging work and growth opportunities.


We multiply the creativity, talents, and contributions of both individuals and businesses by focusing on team goals. Each of us succeeds individually when we as a team achieve success.

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